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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 7, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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breaking news tonight, a small plane has crashed into a medical office at watsonville community hospital. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the watsonville chief confirms two people are dead. both victims were on board that small plane that burst into flames after crashing into a building at community hospital. the plane took off from the
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watsonville airport just a couple of blocks away from the hospital at about 7:30 tonight. the hospital building was apparently empty at the time. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta drove to watsonville as soon as we received word of the plane crash. and he is standing by with what he learned. >> reporter: i'm at the entrance of the community hospital. let me emphasize that the plane did not go into the hospital. it went into the women's health care which is an obgyn office. the building was open expect that there was a cleaning woman inside at the time. she is okay, they were able to find her and she apparently has gone to the hospital for a check up. now this all started around 7:30 tonight. a single engine four seating moony was coming out of watsonville airport, which was directly across the street
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from the hospital. the plane appeared to be climbing and for some reason, it nose dived straight into the building. again the building had been let out for the day. so the workers -- i'm told there would have been at least 11 workers and patients inside the building. if it had happened before 5:00. now we were able to talk to one of the women who works inside that building, she had rushed here from home to see what was going on and she said, the timing was miraculous because if it had happened earlier it would have truly been a tragedy. here is what she had to say. >> if it would have been hours earlier, we had a patient. i think there would have been a lot of injured people at the moment. even ourselves. so we're pretty thankful no one was hurt of our staff or any of our patients. >> reporter: now you can probably see off on the distance there, a gentleman with a faa jacket on. the federal aviation administration is here and
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we're also told that the national transportation force will be arriving shortly to find out what went wrong. everything is fine at the hospital. it was not evacuated. we talked to the police chief and he said there was an issue of perhaps losing power. but everything is fine. everything is okay in the hospital, patients are okay. now comes the grim job of removing the wreckage. the two people who were on the airplane are still inside the wreckage there and the investigation goes on to figure out exactly what caused this tragic accident tonight here at the watsonville community hospital. lloyd lacuesta. more details now about watsonville community hospital. we checked its website and learned that it has more than 100 beds. the website says the hospital has been serving the watsonville community since 1895. the bay area fishermen have
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survived last weekend ship wreck in mexico are on their way home tonight. they make the journey knowing that seven of their friends are still missing. the fishermen left the baha port of san felipe and are making their long drive home in separate rooms. one man is returning tonight without the friend he left with. >> frank we're outside the san ramon home of donald lee. one of his friends that survived the boat accident is expected back here at any time. that's his yellow jeep. he parked here before the fishing trip. this morning the group of friends who survived sunday's boating accident gathered together before getting in separate videos to make their way across the mexico border to come home. one survivor expressed mixed emotions. >> i'm always happy to go home, home is where the heart is. but we're leaving friends behind and the search. >> reporter: at 5:00 this evening, family and friends of the missing fishermen gathered together at the home of robert
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lee. they say this was the first conference call briefing with u.s. officials. >> so what have you found? >> we found lots of degree ma'am. we found ice chests, we found dead animals, unfortunately. we found degree. >> reporter: the coast guard estimates that the sunken ship eric is about 100 feet under water. family members say they would like the coast guard members to search the sunken ship to make sure no one was trapped inside. but the coast guard says they are not sure if they'll be able to do that. >> we want to make sure that nobody was able to get out. but in the eventuality that somebody was not able to get out, it would bring closure to all of us. >> reporter: the coast guard says it is using a c30 to
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search in conjunction with the mexican navy's three helicopters and three boats. and that search will continue until at least saturday. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. and a coast guard c130 from mclellan air force base is helping in that search. we will take you on board during today's flight and learn exactly how crew members are conducting the operation. and stay with ktvu for continuing coverage on our website. you will find more video of the rescued men and the search mission. look for the tab that says lost fishermen. we have learned that a man who grew up in san jose has been killed in afghanistan. we spoke to his father tonight in burlingame. niconer amper signed up with the military when he was just
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18 years years old. his father says his children are grieving and preparing for a memorial. in a few hours from now, space shuttle atlantis is set for lift off. this is a live picture now of atlantis. if tomorrow's lift off is scrubbed, nasa could launch atlantis saturday, sunday or monday morning. otherwise the next attempt would be next weekend. we have new information about the man shot and killed by b.a.r.t. police sunday. the medical examiner says the man is charles blare hill. ktvu news obtained this photo of hill from the dmv he had no home address. officers responded to reports
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of a drunk on the platform of civic station. they say hill confronted two officers with a bottle they said he was also carrying a knife. the bay citizen reports that one witness has told them that hill did not run or lunge at those two officers. durwin longmire has denied any wrong doing and on sunday night, on the 10:00 news he will break his silence. my lengthy interview with him in a special report. as john sasaki reports, a new union vote will enable the
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city to rehire 82 laid off officers. >> reporter: every day oakland police officers go out to protect and serve the city that now has 200 fewer officers than it did a year ago. >> every day we go out and have four people in an area that needs seven or eight people. >> reporter: union members still voted overwhelmingly to support a new contract that for the first time requires every officer to give 9% to their pension. >> police officers are humans too, they have real financial situations themselves. these police officers are digging deep into their pockets to help this city. >> reporter: mayor gene quan say it is union's concessions were critical to closing the budget gap. >> we have situations in all five of the unions.
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they are all steps forward, it's probably worth a little under 40 million of the 50 million gap we had to close. >> reporter: police chief anthony batts says the savings will help officers on the street because the department can now retire laid off officers. >> end of august we should have those officers there. >> reporter: the mayor announced a reorganization of the motorcycle traffic unit. that happens after tomorrow. in oakland i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. we are getting our first glimpse tonight of jaycee dugard's memoire. the memoire is titled a stolen line and recounts the 18 years that dugard was held captive. dugard wrote quote, phillip gave me the imagine of this
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world filled with pedophiles and rapists. dugard has two children fathered by garrido. she write, they started going out in public when her younger daughter was two. she wrote, quote i stayed close to phillip. i had no voice and i didn't shout to the world hey it's me jaycee everyone though i longed to. i could never shake the feeling that one day someone would say, hey aren't you that missing girl? but nobody ever did. the garrido's pleaded guilty to charges of kidnapping and sexual assault last month a judge sentenced garrido to 133 years many prison. dugard didn't go to the sentencing having her mother read a statement on her behalf. i'm tracking another round of fog this evening coming up the fog pattern you can expect tomorrow morning. and the few neighborhoods that
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will approaching the 90s. the san francisco project that is costing more than $130,000 per foot. the first sentencing date for casey anthony. when she will walk free and what her attorney says about where she will go.
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>> developing news right now out of oakland: this video of a triple shooting came in just
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before our newscast. at about 8:30 p.m. the gunman approached and opened fire. we're told two of the people went to the hospital but their injuries are not life threatening. a third victim was grazed by a bullet and treated at the scene. the gunman took off on foot. casey anthony will have to spend a few more days behind bars even though she was acquitted of killing her 2-year- old child. anthony walked into court smiling but her expression changed when the judge sentenced her to spend six more days in jail for lying to investigators. with credit for time served, she will be released next wednesday. from there, it's not clear where anthony will go. >> i doubt there's any place in this country that she could walk the streets freely. >> outside of court people protested against anthony and others have made similar opinions known outside her family's home. a push to put a permanent end to the death penalty here in california cleared its first
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key hurdle at the state capital today. today's vote in the legislature was the first in 33 years on the death penalty since it was reinstated. rita williams explains why boaters may ultimately have the final say. >> reporter: at the state capital today, california took a small step down a long road to kill the death penalty. >> california's death row is the largest and most expensive in the united states and it is not helping protect our people. it is helping to bankrupt us. >> reporter: supporting the bill to abolish capital punishment is oakland mother loraine taylor. >> the case has remained unsolved. i believe the death penalty is
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another act of violence. >> i fervently believe that the death penalty should be abolished. >> i've arrested several hundred people that have gone in and out of jail, in and out of prison and they could careless. that's where most of their friends are, they don't have to work, they get a hot plate and a cot, that's fine with them. >> we cannot put a price on justice. >> reporter: the assembly committee approved the bill 5- 2. if both houses pass it, california voters still get the last say next year. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. california has cut the number of state vehicles by thousands but has more to go. the number of vehicles in the state's fleet has been reduced
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by $3, 3,800 with the goal being 4,500. top negotiations are ahead in washington, d.c. as republicans and democrats tackle the nation's debt crisis. president obama met with leaders today and they plan to meet again on monday. on the table are the tax system and benefits program. >> i want to emphasize that nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to. and the parties are still far apart on a wide range of issues. >> house democratic leader nancy pelosi says her party will oppose any cuts to social security or medicare benefits and republicans are adamantly opposed to any tax increased.
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the plan calls for building a tunnel to take nummi cars into china town. >> reporter: frank, i read the 58 record, one thing that jump out is that they say that for every foot of this construction project on stockton it costs $176,000. and the grand jury says that's too much. >> stockton street is one of the city's busiest corridors. >> it's very crowded. especially during rush hour. >> having like a subway would be better because it would be more convenient for everyone. >> reporter: but today a civil grand jury released a report criticizing nummi's plans to spend $1.5 million on a 1.7- mile subway. the grand jury report says there are insufficient escalators and long walks between stations.
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instead they recommend nummi i spend more money and time to their current system. >> i think i would take it. i think i would. i just don't think it's worth the money right now. >> reporter: the report says nummi should redesign the project. but the project is on track to be completed by january 2019. >> the program currently is on schedule and within budget. >> nummi officials say none of the project money comes from nummi's operating money but from federal and state grants which cannot be used for bus maintenance or operations. the project will cut trip times in half. and the pipeline for tunnel construction has been awarded on time. >> that contract was awarded approximately $13.25 million under budget. >> reporter: the sfmta and the mayor must respond to the grand jury's report within the next 60 days. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2
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news. the napa county sheriff's department said today it is investigating the deaths of two men who's bodies were found in a marijuana growing operation. the bodies were found last week in the hills west of the town of rutherford along with 6,000 plants. the fbi says it suspects that the marijuana growing operation was run by a mexican cartel and the owner of the farm was not aware of the operation. overnight lows for your friday morning, most areas starting out the day in the 50s. santa rosa 53 degrees. livermore 57 and san jose in the upper 50s at 58. bay area microclimates breaking out in full force once again. warmest locations inland on the warm side once again at least back up into the upper 80s and
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warmest locations approaching the lower 90s out into antioch. the weather pattern will soon be changing coming up the temperature trend you can expect for the upcoming weekend. 20 firefighters are now certified as water rescue swimmers. firefighters stood by and watched from crown beach as a man purposely drowned himself because they hasn't been trained for such rescues. a memo sent in this week to the city council says the certified firefighters will be spread out over three shifts. a big break in the case of a stolen picasso. plus-- >> a community college student studying the stars is about to take a unique field trip, where he's going that could change how all of his classmates are -- what was found inside this camper that has authorities so concerned and why the owner says he can explain.
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a man suspected of stealing a drawing by pablo picasso is behind bars tonight. police have recovered the stolen art work. according to investigators this surveillance video shows mark luggo walking away with the sketch. lugo was arrested last night in napa where he was enjoying an evening with friends who police say did not know about his crime. investigators say they found the picasso in a fedex envelope but no address had been written on that package. the sketch was not damaged. a parolee is now facing a murder charge for the only homicide in milpedas since 2009. charges have been filed against david rodriguez. he is accused of shooting to death 43-year-old alfredo rodriguez.
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the two are not related. police say forensic evidence ties rodriguez to the killing. new developments tonight in a story we first reported at this time last night. police in pittsburgh say a man shot in the back of the head on the delta trail last night had also been shot at in antioch earlier this week. investigators believe he was hiding out with relatives in pittsburg. the 20-year-old man is on life support and is not expected to survive. in less than two day, a community college student will enbark on an adventure. eric rasmussen tells us that part of the research is to find
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out what life is like on mars. this is the camp set up north of the arctic circle where researchers are trying to simulate the environment on mars. after a visit to the college of the san mateo planetarium, luis alvarez was scheduled to join them. >> he told me, you're scheduled to come to the arctic with us, i was just shocked. >> reporter: his mother brought him to the u.s. as a child from nicaragua. >> i know that junior college students don't usually get to do this. to give us a good firm foundation i think it'll be tremendous. >> this would be the kind of telescope that we are thinking about. >> reporter: alvarez will also be laying the ground for a telescope that will send images directly back to the college of san mateo.
10:27 pm
>> i will put up images by a camera set on a student. >> reporter: funding for the project comes from private donors and the san mateo county astronomical society. but professors say the value can't be measured. >> where it takes us, we don't know. but we know that there's a lot to study and a lot to find out. >> reporter: this winter the college's telescope will have a view of the night sky like you're seeing here 24 hours a day. right now it's only daylight. and alvarez is expecting warmer temperatures will still be around freezing. nummi employees under fire. the investigation to their parking practices and why disability rights activists are upset. later we will take you on board as the u.s. coast guard searches for seven fishermen still missing in mexico.
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tonight's special report focuses on a man who appeared in court today on child pornography charges. authorities in san francisco said they found all types of incriminating evidence in his vehicle. but the man says there's a good explanation. >> reporter: you may notice them all over the city. campers homes to their owners inside. this camper caught the attention of police when it was parked outside of a library. inside was robert glen mcduggel and a collection of thousands of disturbing and illegal images. >> the images are of child pornography. >> reporter: a search found cut
10:31 pm
outs of adult and children actresses and adolescent girls. >> we have gone through numerous hard drives and computers that were located within. and we have indeed found some images that were concerning to us. >> reporter: the fbi says some of those hard drives contain child porn. thousands of photos of bikini wearing under aged girls posed sexually. hard core pornographic young girls. and pornographic images of adult men having sex with young girls. he was in federal court today for a prehearing. >> i don't really know what they think they have found or what they have found. they haven't told me anything yet as far as the discovery. >> reporter: by phone mcdougall
10:32 pm
says he's lived in the camper for about 20 years. he says his hard drives may contain at most two or three legal pictures not knowing the models were underage. >> what about the sexual material of the girls that depict sexual relations between older men and children. >> that's perfectly legal fiction. >> officers saw cameras mounted inside and children's toys. they found maps of oregon, washington and california with parking circled. >> obviously given the material that we found, we are concerned that if there are any victims out there that we understand where those victims are. >> they are trying to imply that i'm a person who would go around seeking the company of children. i said no don't do that. >> he's always been a loaner, he's always been by himself. in my opinion, he couldn't hurt
10:33 pm
a fly. >> reporter: neighbor alex tutor says they are both in the stage hands union where mcdougall is a hands technician. >> i have never seen him in the many years i've seen him ever bring anybody into his vehicle, much less a child. >> mcdougall says he camps near parks because there are no parking restrictions. he says he is an avid paragrapher who graphs his grand children. he says the toys in his camper are for his granddaughter. >> we were walking through golden gate park and she saw some kids playing soccer. and she said, i wish i had a soccer ball, so the next time i was at goodwill i saw one and i bought it. >> reporter: mcdougall's federal court appointed attorney calls it a quote ridiculous case. still the fbi tells us they believe mcdougall may have been traveled the pacific coast from california to seattle and they are working with police in those areas. in san francisco, david
10:34 pm
stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. fairfield police said today five teenagers have been arrested for a strong armed robbery that turned deadly. investigators say the teens robbed a neighborhood store last week and beat and pepper sprayed the clerk. the popular storekeeper suffered cardiac arrest and died. investigators say they recovered the stolen cash register. the suspects range in age from 15 to 18 years old. the highway patrol says a greyhound bus driver had no way of avoiding a collision that killed six people last year. the report issued today put soul blame on if july 22nd crash on the drunk 18-year-old drive of an suv. the teenage girl crashed into a center divider on highway 99 outside fresno causing the chain reaction crash. nummi says it will investigate the use of illegal
10:35 pm
disabled parkers. nummi employees told us that some nummi drivers have bought or borrowed the blue plaquereds to save money. >> it raises the question, what's going on. how sick are people, how limited are people. >> reporter: nummi drivers have to pass a physical every two years. it's unclear what kind of disability would qualify a driver for a disabled plaquered, but not prevent him or her from operating a nummi vehicle. strong retail and jobs report sent stocks higher on wall street. the dow rose 93 points and closed at its highest point for the year. retailers posted their best
10:36 pm
revenue. stores usually clear out summer items to prepare for fall by offering discounts. federal motors is preparing to offer a yearlong policy of insurance that covers liability and physical damage. gmc wants to see if the program appeals to car shoppers. up next, how a fan died tonight at the rangers-a's game. the innocent act that caused him to fall 20 feet to his death. we will be tracking more fog in the short term. but in the long range much cooler temperatures coming up the coolest day of the weekend and when drizzle could return to the bay area forecast. we will go back to the watsonville hospital where a plane crashed tonight. hear tonight from a man who
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a tragic accident at the rangers-a's game. a fan died after falling over the railing while trying to catch a foul ball. it happened during the rangers game with oakland. the rangers say they are deeply saddened by his death. the man's name was -- ruiz. four infected mosquitoes were recently found near los palmos park. crews will be spraying
10:40 pm
insecticide. residents have mixed feelings about the spraying. >> i don't like sprays any way, i don't know? >> there's no report of any harm to people or pets since they began to spray this chemical. south wolf road on the east and cascade road on the south -- the 77-year-old naso is serving as his own attorney. this week naso told the judge he could use some assistance. if he cannot afford a private
10:41 pm
attorney, a public defender will be appointed. in news of the world tonight in london, news of the world will be shutdown this sunday. the in yemen national tv showed the first pictures of president alli abdula sele since he was badly injured and burned at his palace. the president's face was darker, his head was covered and he had casts on his hands and legs. and in spain, time for the annual running of the bulls in pamplona, six fighting bulls and six deer ran through the streets along nds of thrill seekers. no one was gored today but four people were hurt. the running of the bulls covered about 90 yards to a
10:42 pm
bull ring and takes about 2.5 minutes filled with potential danger. up next we will go back to watsonville for more on tonight's plane crash into a medical building. also we'll go along with a coast guard as it conducted an aerial search today for those boats that crashed in baja. and we're looking ahead to the weekend. the complete forecast coming up in about six minutes.
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we have more now of today's developing news. a small plane crashed into watsonville killing two people. lloyd lacuesta is live to tell us what he's learned since the top of the hour, lloyd. >> reporter: julie we're getting new information about this crash that happened around 7:30 tonight at the watsonville community hospital. but not exactly the hospital but that medical building that you saw off in the distance there is where the plane is now
10:45 pm
resting along with the two occupants that died in the crash. we're now told that the plane did note go directly into -- did not two directly into the building. but it hit in that parking spot where the fire truck is. and then sort of skipped and slid into the building and that office that it hit was the coastal women's health care office building an obgyn office building. there was no one in there at the time because everyone had gone home for the day. now directly toll the west of this building is watsonville community hospital and there was a man from salinas who was visiting his grandmother and he looked out the window and this is what he saw. >> i was at the window looking out, it was a lot of smoke. i had never seen that color type of smoke before. i've seen pretty worse fires but, i mean the color smoke that i saw i have never seen that color smoke before. >> reporter: now we're also told that the plane that
10:46 pm
crashed is a 1974 single engine mooney m20f and it's registered out of san the cruz. the names of the people who parished in the crash have yet to be release. also you know the monterey municipal airport is directly adjacent to the hospital location here. and witnesses are saying that what happened, the plane was taking off. it somehow went into a steep climb and then at some point whatever happened, there was some problem it sort of veered to the left and then went straight down here and into the building. again, very lucky that there was no one injured on the ground. that people had left the building, there was one person inside the building and that was a cleaning woman. she survived and she probably has a heck of a story to tell. right now they are waiting for the national transportation board investigators to arrive from san francisco. the faa is here, and they are
10:47 pm
still leaving the airplane inside the building. live in watsonville, lloyd lacuesta. ktvu news. and back to those fishermen who have not seen since their boat capsized. we took off at 5:00 this morning and the coast guard searched for six straight hours. the c130 zigzagged back and forth over a strategic area where mexican officials believe the seven missing americans may be. >> if you spot somebody in the water with this radar image. >> it is possible. we have seen a bunch of whales and turtles today. >> reporter: the radar images help direct pilots to catch
10:48 pm
images if they pop ups. but the most important tasks happen to these two men, they must keep watch. >> they are looking for any signs of life but so far the only thing they have spotted is a raft with a rope, but no one inside. >> reporter: the mexican navy was immediately dispatched to check it out. it's unclear if the raft is part of theship that capsiz despite not finding any survivors today, it was a thorough operation. >> everything that possibly could have a person was checked out. new at 10:00 the debate over a proposed merger of at that time and team mobile. at&t is asking the utilities commission to merge the two companies. those who testified against the
10:49 pm
merger expressed concerns that customers will be forced to pay more. >> there'll be less competition to buy those services from at&t to verizon and those big companies will have more power to set prices. >> at&t argues that the merger will allow it to provide better coverage. fog hassen been cooling off just a fraction over the bay area over the past few days. but that will soon change as the marine layer deepness, we're going to have cooler temperatures in the forecast. right now the maps as we do come in tighter, there's the maps and already pushing back into the bay. we have a good westerly breeze out there from 10 to 15 miles per hour and with that it will help import some of the fog late tonight into early tomorrow morning. highs from today once again a big temperature range from the lower 60s for the beaches. with the warmest locations
10:50 pm
approaching the mid-90s. concord topped out 93 degrees and livermore in the mid-90s. forecast headlines for tonight. once again fog will continue to be on the increase for the koáers coast and the bay. you will notice a warming trend. this will gradually scoot out of town to the east. with that tomorrow clearing sky, temperatures still on the warm side but into the weekend we're going to have more of an on shore breeze that will weaken the marine lay layer. that brings a cooling trend as we head into next week. first thing tomorrow morning, it could be locally dense right around highway 1 and pushing locally into the bay. this is at 7:00 and 8:00. clouds go back to the shoreline revealing clouds for the weekend and also for the inland
10:51 pm
neighborhood. that's all reflected in tomorrow's forecast. by 12:00 still patchy local clouds. and we're going to warm things up from the lower 60s to the lower 90s. clear lake 92 degrees. fairfield at 90, these temperatures will check in right around 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. oakland tops out 74. you will find more areas in the upper 80s. here's a look ahead. temperatures will continue to warm up a bit into saturday. sunday will be the coolest day of the weekend and a cooling trend gets reinforced for next week. by tuesday morning we could be talking about more drizzle. everyone as early as tuesday morning. tuesday or wednesday wet roadways here in the bay area. that summertime drizzle. >> i thought we were done with
10:52 pm
that stuff. >> it's not rain, it's just that light stuff. >> just enough to get your car dirty. thank you. sports is next, we'll be right back. it's really delicious, mom. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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dick williams who led the oakland a's to two consecutive world championships during the
10:55 pm
1990s died today in his home in las vegas nevada. williams is one of two managers to lead three different teams to the fall classic. he was inducted into the baseball hall of fame in 2008. williams died at a hospital from an aortic aneurysm, he was 82 years old. >> it was a great time for the a's back then. in the early 70s. how about barry zito? what's going on here. >> if you were one of the many to write off barry zito like me, i hope you did it in pencil. because he looks seriously ready to carve his way back into the giant's big picture plans. on the scrap heed no longer. having allowed only three runs in 21 innings since his return from the disabled list. his battery pay provide some umph. zito eight innings of strong
10:56 pm
baseball. he has his third win since comes back. the run that did make the difference, pat burrell comes through, slaps it to the right side. and in comes the run that made it 2-0. 2-1 is the final. and pablo by the way extends his hit streak now to 18 straight. let's just kind of come to this with the a's. if the starting pitcher doesn't throe a masterpiece, they are going down. for the tenth time this year the offense completely shuts down. absolutely no come back capabilities with this offense. and josh hamilton himself provide four rbis for the texas rangers in this one. off rich hardin right there. a single and the lone highlight for the a's comes on the defensivside of the ball, coco crisp on the move. beautiful catch in center. as for his daily it seems. to rob nelson cruz there. just to make sure for the
10:57 pm
rangers, michael young goes deep. a's with only one hit. widen the scope and check out some pretty amazing international video from the fifa u17 cup happening. talk about historic here literally. mexico versus -- 3-2, they wind up winning. wheel it over to the tour de france. levy comes in 91st in the sixth stage today. he is now 31st over all with some problems. the winner, hagen of norway over all cuvo is the man wearing the yellow jersey. that's the sporting life for a thursday night. back to you.
10:58 pm
thank you. the ktvu morning news begins at 4:30, they'll be following tonight's plane crash in watsonville and the return from fishermen from mexico. and our news continues on and with ktvu's mobile app. thanks so much for joining us everyone.
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